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God, you are our refuge and our strength;
you are a very present help in trouble.

This is the truth your people have trusted
through the ages
when the world seems to be falling apart,
spinning towards the cliff-edge.

To this truth we turn
in these days
when fear and anxiety grow hour by hour
when the unknown looms large and threatening,
when faith is pushed beyond its usual horizons.

We lean into this truth today.
We lean toward you
whose faithfulness
and mercy
and grace
have chased after us
all the days of our lives.

Open our eyes,
our minds,
our hearts,
our spirits
to your healing, redeeming presence,
to your crazy, holy grace.

We ask in Jesus’ name
who promises to send
your Holy Spirit,
the Comforter,
your own self.

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A prayer based on Mark 10: 17 -31 and Hebrews 4: 12 -16. Prayed after singing “Open my eyes, that I may see

Jesus, Saviour, Friend,
you come into our lives
and you summon us out
beyond the safe places we try to create for ourselves.

We pray that you will open our ears
that we may hear the glimpses of truth you have for us
but, the truth is,
we do not always welcome your powerful Word.

You see us as we are;
you love us enough
to cut through our defences and excuses.
You summon us to live with
a vulnerability,
an openness,
a love
that is beyond us.

So we are grateful
that you do what we cannot do —
you walk with us along your Way:
you work within us,
setting us free from the things that hold us;
your Holy Spirit
takes what we offer
and infuses it with
mercy and grace beyond our own.

You entrust us with work more holy
than we would choose for ourselves.

Jesus, you have been through weakness and testing,
through disappointment and rejection.
You trusted in God’s faithfulness in all of that.
And in you, God overcame every power that binds us
and won our freedom
and gives us new life.

Open our hearts
to receive the mercy you offer;
open our lives
to receive the help you give.

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our Lord, our Saviour,
you have claimed us as your own,
beloved children of a holy and good God.

In our best moments,
we know that to be true.
We trust it.
We live out of it with
confidence and hope and love and generosity.

We thank you that it is still true
when we turn away from you
and forget who we are
and whose we are
and what you have graced us to be.

You meet us in our weakness and in our failures
with a love that will not let us go.
You speak words of forgiveness that set us free.
You heal the wounds that cripple our souls.
You call us out of loneliness and into community
with others who are learning to
walk in your Way.

Speak those deep truths
deep into our hearts once again.
Make our spirits strong
with your strength
that we may have the courage
to stand against evil,
to speak the words that silence hate,
to risk the costs of loving.

Make our spirits strong
with your strength
that we may have the courage
to be your Body
broken and shared
with all the world.

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A prayer emerging from John 9

Lord Jesus,
You walk with us
day by day
lighting our path
showing us the glory of God
that shines in unexpected places.
And we miss it.

Your Spirit is at work
healing broken spirits
creating new life
making a way where there is no way.
And we miss it.

We miss it
because we are too busy
making our own way.

We miss it
because we are looking for
something different
something easier
something less risky
less difficult.

Touch the blind places in our souls.
Stoop low,
re-create us
give us new eyes to see
the world through your eyes.

grant us courage
to walk the path
that you set us on.

Grant us courage
to speak the truth we know —
as much truth as we know
as truthfully as we can
giving witness to you
to what you have done
to who you are:
God in Christ
Holy Spirit
Community of holy love
who is working
in both the darkness and the light
in joy and in sorrow
in our doubt and in our faith
to reconcile the world
and to make all things new.

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God of hope,
you promise peace and joy and unfailing love.

We wait for you, Lord,
our souls wait
with deep yearning
for you to act
to bring hope to lives
that are caught in despair,
to make peace in cities
wounded by so much violence,
to move us toward joy and love.

You are more patient with us
than we are with you, Lord.
You work in our hearts
and our minds
and our spirits,
changing us in deep places
so we become the place
where your hope and peace and joy and love
can come to birth.

Give us grace
to slow down enough
to pay attention
to the work you are doing in us
and among us.

Give us grace
to face the hard truths
that make a way
for your transforming power
and healing presence.

Give us grace
to yield to you.

We pray in the name of Jesus
who has set us on this Way of Life.



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A prayer based on Luke 7:36 – 8:3

Great is your faithfulness, O Lord, our Saviour,
Faithful in loving us
Faithful in finding us when we lose our way
Faithful in forgiving us
and healing us
and bringing us home to you.

Great is your faithfulness, Lord,
and we are grateful.

There are times when each moment
shines with your grace and your goodness;
we know ourselves bathed in your holy care
and our hearts sing out your praise.

There are times when we struggle
to keep going
and you shepherd us,
holding us with a love
that does not let us go,
feeding our souls
with your presence,
speaking your truth
that gives us strength and courage
for one more step,
and we gasp out our
‘thank you’, ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’.

But there are also times when we
barge through our lives
oblivious to your presence,
your gifts,
your call;
unaware of all we have received
from your abundant love.

Speak to us today:
speak the words that
draw us back to you;
words that recall all you have done;
words that deepen and renew
our love for you.

We open our and our minds
to your Spirit’s work,
for you are the one
whose broken body
and poured out life
are the food and drink
we need.


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You summon us

Lord Jesus,
by the power of your Holy Spirit,
you have gone into our villages and cities
summoning us to follow you;
gathering us into your new community of love.

We are following
even though we do not fully understand your Way.
We still look for glory in all the wrong places.
We still compete for positions of power.
We still ignore the people you want to include.

Have mercy on us.
Summon us over and over again
into your presence.

There, open our eyes to your strange, life-giving truth
You have welcomed us and
made us your own.
This is grace
that draws us beyond our fears
and failures
and doubts.

Give us freedom and courage
to follow you on your Way,
wherever you may lead,
knowing that we travel
only deeper into your love and grace.


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You draw us into the light of your presence, O Lord.
You speak your Word
and we learn to see the world through your eyes.

All week, we hear other voices —
voices that measure people’s worth
by how much they have accomplished;
or by how much they own;
or by how they fit into an agenda or system.

We are glad for your summons
but we come with vision that has been distorted
and hearts that have been bruised
and desires that have been turned away from your truth.

We look to you now
and to your promises
to re-define us again;
to re-vision us again;
to re-measure us again
according to your great love and mercy.

We wait — open, empty, at risk.
Speak your cleansing, renewing, re-defining Word into our lives.

Then, grant us words to witness to your healing truth and light
wherever your grace sends us.
We pray in the name of Jesus
who sees us truly
and loves us still.

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We come into your presence with
hungry hearts
and thirsty spirits
and tattered souls.

You offer us truth that sets us free:
we did not make ourselves;
we do not keep ourselves;
we cannot save ourselves.

You offer us truth that sets us free:
we are wonderfully made in your image;
we are safely kept in your care;
nothing in all creation can take us beyond
your steadfast love and faithfulness.

So, we reach out to you.
We lay before you the concerns that bind our hearts.

Enfold us with your healing power;
pull us deeper and deeper into your transforming power;
nurture and nourish our souls till they shine with your love
and bless all whose lives we touch.

We ask in the name of Jesus,
your Way, your Truth, your Life.


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Draw me in

Life-giving God,
God of blessing and of joy,
you have come among us in Jesus of Nazareth
to draw us into the wide, expansive world
of your grace and love.

Long before we are aware of it,
your Holy Spirit is moving in us and through us,
Pulling us out of ourselves,
setting us in relationships
where we can learn the lessons of love.

Search my heart and mind.
Show me the ways
I resist your work.
Open me to the work of your Spirit,
tearing down that which diminishes Life;
building up that which makes me more fully
the person you have created me to be.

Set your holy truth within me
that I may live in the world
aware of your love,
open to your transforming grace,
dancing in your light.

I pray in the name of Jesus,
who is the the Way, the Truth, the Life.


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