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Bread of Life,
the Resurrection,
the Way,
the Truth:
with these names we praise you.

In such naming and praising
we set ourselves under your Truth.
In such naming and praising,
we set ourselves on your Way.
Then, we find that you are indeed
the Resurrection who leads us to new life.
You renew our strength
You send us out
as ambassadors of your grace and love.

For all your blessings,
so extravagantly given,
we praise your holy name.

Lord, our God,
you have made us
to live in communion with you.
You have promised that you
will be our strength,
our refuge,
a very present help in times of trouble.
You have promised that in company with Jesus
we shall find peace that passes understanding,
abundant life,
hope for the journey.

You know the questions
that fill our fears,
the worries
that cloud our sense of your presence with us.

We turn to you with them.
We ask you to take them.
Bless them with your powerful, transforming grace.
Break their grip on our hearts and minds.
Then give us your life and truth
so we may move into this week
full of courage
full of you.   Amen.


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You summon us

Lord Jesus,
by the power of your Holy Spirit,
you have gone into our villages and cities
summoning us to follow you;
gathering us into your new community of love.

We are following
even though we do not fully understand your Way.
We still look for glory in all the wrong places.
We still compete for positions of power.
We still ignore the people you want to include.

Have mercy on us.
Summon us over and over again
into your presence.

There, open our eyes to your strange, life-giving truth
You have welcomed us and
made us your own.
This is grace
that draws us beyond our fears
and failures
and doubts.

Give us freedom and courage
to follow you on your Way,
wherever you may lead,
knowing that we travel
only deeper into your love and grace.


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A prayer based on Psalm 50

“Spread for me a banquet of praise,
serve High God a feast of kept promises
And call for help when you’re in trouble
I’ll help you and you’ll honour me.
….It’s the praising life that honours me.
As soon as you set your foot on the Way,
I’ll show you my salvation.” (The Message)

I lean into your promises:
for help when I call,
for signs of your salvation on the Way.
I choose praise:
praise that you are not ultimately mocked,
praise for your steadfast love
holding me
when the darkness
made by liars
blinds my way,
praise that your quiet patience
moves steadily towards
the moment of judgment,
praise for your salvation
being worked into my life
even in suffering.

I choose praise,
promise-keeping God,
God who honours truth
God of the Way
that leads to salvation
God who will blaze into view.

I choose praise
and wait.

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