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Faithful, promise-keeping God,
you alone know the truth about us.
We bow before you,
willing to open our lives to your refining, redeeming power.

Shine the light of your presence into our lives:
we offer the wounded places —
that you may heal them;
we offer the selfishness that betrays your love —
that you may forgive us;
we offer the places where we have given in to hopelessness —
that you may rescue us
and give us your courage
and your freedom.

We open ourselves to your grace
which alone can make us into your Body
as you have called us to be.
Shape us into the
creative people
your world needs us to be.

We ask in the name of Jesus,
who moves among us
even now
and makes us your own.


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This is the day that you have made:
you have filled it with signs of your presence;
your Spirit’s breath permeates every moment;
your grace fills each experience;
your promises move within event,
pulling us toward hope.

Receive our thanks.
Receive our praise,
through Christ our Lord
for in his love
we know your deep love
your faithfulness
your grace.

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Holy God, holy and mighty,
You know the promises we have made in our best moments:
to love you with
all our heart
and all our mind
and all our strength.

We have promised to worship you alone.

And our intentions are good.

But you know the anxiety that grips our hearts
when problems loom large
and solutions are not easy to find.

We value effectiveness.
We strive for efficiency.
We know how to get things done.
We want to fix what’s wrong.

So, we are not too good with mystery,
especially with the mysterious ways
you work in us and in our world.

We struggle to trust you —
You, whose ways are not our ways;
You, whose timing is so different from ours.

Worshipping you above all else
has turned out to be harder
than we thought it would be.

We try to use you for our own purposes.
We try to summon you to serve our own agendas.
We want you to help us get what we want.

We would give up,
except you will not let us go.
You meet us in mercy where we do not deserve it.
You transform us by grace we do not earn.
You give us your Holy Spirit
to begin again,
to learn a better obedience.

So, we wait —
for the gift of your forgiveness,
for the gift of your Spirit,
for the gifts we need to be your people.

We wait,
handing control over to you
and to your mysterious way with us.

We wait,
through the grace of Jesus Christ
who knows us as we are,
yet loves us still.

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You summon us

Lord Jesus,
by the power of your Holy Spirit,
you have gone into our villages and cities
summoning us to follow you;
gathering us into your new community of love.

We are following
even though we do not fully understand your Way.
We still look for glory in all the wrong places.
We still compete for positions of power.
We still ignore the people you want to include.

Have mercy on us.
Summon us over and over again
into your presence.

There, open our eyes to your strange, life-giving truth
You have welcomed us and
made us your own.
This is grace
that draws us beyond our fears
and failures
and doubts.

Give us freedom and courage
to follow you on your Way,
wherever you may lead,
knowing that we travel
only deeper into your love and grace.


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Holy God, you know . . . “

Holy God,
you are the one from whom no secret can be hid.
You see us as we are:
You know the best in us
and you know the worst in us.
Your know the dignity that is our heritage
as children of your love.
You know the places in our hearts where we don’t believe
that we are worth very much.

Hold us in your presence
until our sight clears,
until our minds perceive your truth,
until we know the powerful grace of Jesus
moving in our souls.

Then, take over —
fill us with your love,
summon us to your hope,
awaken us to your new creation
so we become more fully the self you have made us to be
and our whole life becomes a prayer to you.


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Tune our Hearts

Gracious Lord,
every morning we wake to a world
that is a gift from you.
Every day you immerse us in
your love
your salvation
your power.
Every situation we face is permeated
through and through
with your grace.

Our lives are lived
in the symphony of your steadfast love and faithfulness.

Tune our hearts and eyes and ears
to the words of hope you are singing this day.
Then, grow in us humility
and courage
and love
so we may join the chorus
that sings to your glory and praise.

We pray in the name of Jesus,
who teaches us to move each day
to the rhythms of your grace.

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Draw me in

Life-giving God,
God of blessing and of joy,
you have come among us in Jesus of Nazareth
to draw us into the wide, expansive world
of your grace and love.

Long before we are aware of it,
your Holy Spirit is moving in us and through us,
Pulling us out of ourselves,
setting us in relationships
where we can learn the lessons of love.

Search my heart and mind.
Show me the ways
I resist your work.
Open me to the work of your Spirit,
tearing down that which diminishes Life;
building up that which makes me more fully
the person you have created me to be.

Set your holy truth within me
that I may live in the world
aware of your love,
open to your transforming grace,
dancing in your light.

I pray in the name of Jesus,
who is the the Way, the Truth, the Life.


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